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I just spoke with you this afternoon my name is Dale I've been a painter for 20 + years. Sand blasted and painted water tanks as working forman for 12 yrs.
 I owned my own business painting water tanks for utility services as sub contractor for three yrs. I've been painting residential commercial for myself the last five yrs. Lic. # 917673
In looking to work in northern Cali. Let me know if you can use me. I'm ready to go asap.... 951-442-3625


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PDF  Billing Spring Hill
Sep 9

Pats  Workercomp  Dec 16

Patrick-  Sep 8

Good to talk with you on the phone!  I will call you next week when you get back from looking at those new jobs.  We are an independent insurance agency that represents several insurance carriers that have programs for painting contractors.  I look forward to talking with you.




Mark Lund  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=29551941&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Leavitt Group of Northern Utah  https://www.facebook.com/#!/LGNorthernUtah

Personal  |  Commercial  |  Group Benefits

O 800-798-2614 ext. 2310  |  F 866-775-2498 | C 801-209-8918

Mark-Lund@leavitt.com  |  www.lgnuinsurance.com




Jhon Blomstrom  LAW
White & White, P.C.
420 East Washington
Riverton, WY 82501

Tel:   307-856-2207

Foam Equipment  Flordia

Phone: 801-269-0600
Craig, Owner, Sales and Technical Assistance:
Operations Manager, Jim  904-495-6796  
Laurel, Orders and Shipping,  at 904-572-6810. foamoptions@gmail.com




Davis Sprague

270-826-4037 Direct Office Line
270-826-9001 General Office Line
270-826-9007 Fax Line
912-399-5539 Cell Phone


Rust Grip   /   Fusie Bond 
 PDF Specs
Archer Green
Business Development Manager
898 Bay Ridge Ave          
Brooklyn NY 11220
Phone: (718)- 238-7500 ext., 301
Fax    :  (718)- 238-1722 


Wes Brackett California  tempary  SEO 

  Direct - 813-751-2177 Main  - 813-333-9666  Fax  -    813-751-2182

Painting Induustrial Commercial   http://www.industrialcommercialpainting.com

Rust Grip  Shree

 Fisi Bond    Bryan Richardson
Terry BanerBond
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Larry Payne    Mr Big Shot  All USA  SEO

www.webdomination.net  email:larry@webdomination.net

Office:314-485-2512  Cell:314-651-0494

 Industrial Painting US         http://industrialpaintingus.com/

*Lisa Hagaman | Payroll Coordinator
6770 South 900 East, Suite 201 Midvale UT 84047
p 801.566.3084 f 801.566.3252 
  Bobanero  313 - 703 - 0056 *    


2016 Liabilty Insurance  Book a Flight  Delta 8 8 8
 W9 Blank 8 8 8 8
 300 A    1  -2  3  4  5 8 8 8 8
Attached is the quote that I put together for you.  I can usually get the cost down after a job walk through.  If you decide that you only want the top of the structure done, you can expect around $20,000 less in price.  My suggestion would be doing the side walls with lifts and then we can build the structure for access to the roof.  That would be the cheapest option.  If the entire structure has lead paint then an enclosure is necessary.  Call me with any questions and we can talk through the projects.  Thanks for reaching out Rob and I will do everything I can to help you with this and any other projects.  
PDF  Price
Safway Services LLC  2013 Loumour Ave.  Richmond, VA 23230 Office: 804-355-6523 Fax: 804-355-7776 Cell: 804-614-2846


 Hello This is Robert of Great Western Painting. In the
Estimating Division.  We have several estimating locations to better serve you.
    We received an email from you.To start the process of a quote.

 Could you send us these Items

1 - Company Name -
2 - Name of in charge -
3 - Phone - 
4 - Location of  project  Address -
5 - Office -
 Photos / Drawings / Specs of project -


Would you reply to confirm you received  Thanks Robert

 Great Western Painting
Commercial & Industrial Painting.
Serving the
U. S. A.
  Water Towers -Tanks - Hotels - Chemical plants - High Rises - Structural Steel - Vinyl Wall Covering -  Fire Proof Painting & Specialty Coatings

 Patrick Owner  1 - 877-749-5554  pat@greatwesternpainting.com
 Call Robert _  208-371-7757   Estimation Division

gwpainters@aol.com   For  Bob  208-371-7757








__________________________________________   OLD STUFF________________________________________________________________________



* *


Pat An Email I recived  Monday 8th

Thank you Leslie,


However, we don’t have the EIN number for the company (a)

And for the financial statement I need  both a income statement AND balance sheet.


Patrick, it is my understanding that your accounting firm does not have 2015 informaiton.

I need a profit & loss statement and balance sheet for 2015; supporting A/P and A/R aging summary reports AND con-current WIP report.


From: Leslie Jardine [mailto:Leslie@preferred-accounting.com]
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2016 3:31 PMTo: tbaner@comcast.netSubject: Great Western 2013-2014 Tax Returns and P & L


Hello, Attached are the 2013-2014 tax returns and P & L. 

We do not have 2012 tax return.  The documents have been password protected with Great Western painting’s EIN no dash. Thank you, Leslie Jardine,  


275 East 6100 South Murray, UT 84107(801) 365-0945  - Office(801) 365-0950 -  Fax 



Please review attached PO for work beginning 2-6-16.   Patrick Moriarity    801-575-8430  

I received some information from Clint that you were providing enclosed tent & scaffolding.  Prime machine will supply all masking for protected surfaces and tent heat. 

Please coordinate ahead of time for removing top ring and rotating part to access all areas.  When Prime procures all required fields after blast we will then require primer and paint per specs.

Prime Machain   PO #    Instructions


325 267-8034 cell
254 842-5805 office

On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Barrett Electric <barrettelectric99@gmail.com> wrote:
Pat, I new information regarding a bid on this project, can you please have John give me a call
thnx Rick B

 Pat  He has a Question   Feb 1

Patrick – Thank you for your proposal.  Under option 1, what would the cost be if we just did the water tank and applied the Logo, and did the lower portion in 2017.  Can you help me break that cost out.  Please call me with any questions. 


DANIEL J. POLITI          P: 248.539.6079    


     Our Bid 
Paint Water Tower Apply Company Logo


 Option #1 Hydro Blast / Mechanically Abrade Rust/ Spot prime (Rust Grip) One Finish Coat Polyurethane Apply Logo Price $140,000.00


 Option # 2 Hydro Blast Mechanically Abrade Rust Apply 0ne coat Rust Grip One Finish Coat Polyurethane Apply Logo Price $220,000.00

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 12:44 PM,
    Hi Pat,
                 My name is Jonathan Torres I'm reaching out to you via email in regards to a job opportunity, I have 4 years of experience painting electric towers and antennas.The companies I have worked for are Public Utilities Incorporate for 2 years and currently for Tower Maintenance. Some of the courses I have taken are Fall protection safety rescue, Cpr and High voltage safety of 600 volts and above. I have traveled various states with my prior companies. I understand that your company has a job opportunity in Florida I would definitely be interested in having Florida as my home base but willing to travel as needed. I am a hardworker, self motivated and I learn very quickly as well as other qualifications. Looking foward in hearing from. Thank you in advance please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.    scalise991@yahoo.com
                     Jonathan Torres                          (347 ) 280-1107                         (407)929-9993


Just a heads up that the next five tanks for the Odessa yard will all be onsite
on the 19th. We have a little welding to do to them so expect to be ready to foam and paint them March 1st. Also please send me your cell number as I can't find it in my contacts.  Scott My cell is 281-726-9429      Email  Feb 12 Posted


This is a friendly reminder that your Post Office Box renewal fee of $228.00 for the PO Box listed below is due by 02/29/2016.

PO Box: 571888
Post Office location: 4989 S STATE ST


   Industrial Painting US  

Larry Payne

Senior Site Analyst-Owner



Office:314-485-2512   Cell:314-651-0494


PURCHASE ORDER # - REV  0057986 - 00

This number MUST be shown on all
Invoices, Packages, Packing Lists,
Bills of Lading and Correspondence
0057986 - 00
US Dollar
Due/Promised Date Ship Date
2/24/2016 2/24/2016 2/24/2016
1) Operator Ring – Needs
Sand Blast at Welds per
Drawing HN031600MEN24-202FTB.
Approx 17’ Diameter and 3000#
2) Retaining Ring – Needs
Sand Blast on all surfaces per
Spec# HN031600 MEN24-203 F
EC-01. Approx 15’ Diameter and
3) Outer Gate Barrel –
Needs to be set up on 4 Saw
Horse Stands, Sandblast Bore
(mask 16 each Bearing Bores)
and Sandblast Outer Diameter
approximately 2” on top and
bottom flanges per Drawing
HN031600MEN21-201 FTB (Sheets
1 and 2). Approx 17’ Diameter
and 30,000#.
Blast to SSPC-SP10


Company Name
Prime Machine Inc. Phone
801-575-8430 Contact Name
Patrick Moriarity Email
pat@primemachine.com Billing Address
575 W. 800S Email
russ@primemachine.com City-State-Zip
SLC , UT 84101 Cell
WE PROPOSE TO: Sandblast Remove Lead Base Paint $36,000.00 Paint as Specified 7,500.00 $43,500.00
VendorShip To GREAT WESTERN PAINTING Vendor Code 13202SOUTH DAY COURT GREWES DRAPER, UT84020 Buyer Code 877 749-5554 RM RUSSELL MURRAY Attention
For Resale if Checked
Important All Prime Machine, Inc., standing quality requirements apply. A list of Quality Terms and Conditions, Q Codes (PPC-528) can be found on-line at www.primemachine.com or by request from Purchasing at 801-575-8430.
Sales Tax Exemption Number For
PURCHASE ORDER #-REV 0057872 - 00
This number MUST be shown on all Invoices, Packages, Packing Lists, Bills of Lading and Correspondence
801 533-8606
PO DateRequired DateShip ViaFOBTermsDue/Promised DateShip Date 2/4/2016BEST WAYSHIPPING POINTNET 302/4/20162/4/20162/4/2016 US Dollar ItemQuantityUMPart Number/RevDescriptionUnit PriceExtension 001SANDBLST LEAD PNT1EAPER INSRUCTIONS

31,000.000031,000.00 great west. supply scaffolding & enclosed tent 2-6-16. PMI to supply masking & tent heat 2-7-16. Start lead paint removal 2-8-16. PMI to supply rigging and crane for lifting/rotating for proper removal. WO: 034504 001 997000
002PAINT TO SPECS1EA7,500.00007,500.00 primer & paint per drawing specs. WO: 034504 001 997000
Total POUSD   38,500.00

MySeo Guys  first company

Painting Industrial Commercial

Wes Brackett  Vice President

 Direct - 813-751-2177    Main  - 813-333-9666

From: Bjorn Peterson
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 10:39 AM
To: 'pat@greatwesternpainting.com' <pat@greatwesternpainting.com>
Subject: Approval - TCI Business Capital

 Robert and Pat -good talking to you this morning.

 I have attached your approval to this email.  Let me know if you would like to get this going – we would need some new and unbilled invoices to get it going. 

Thanks,  Advance Invoice Payment

 Bjorn Peterson ¦ VP Business Development Officer

12270 Nicollet Avenue S ¦ Burnsville, MN 55337

Phone: 800.707.4845 ¦ Fax: 952.656.3530

Direct: 952.656.3430 ¦ Email: bpeterson@tcicapital.com

 Learn more about our referral program

Commercial & Industrial Painting BILLING INVOICE 1 - 877-749-5554 pat@greatwesternpainting.com
Date 12/17 /2015
Invoice #121715 Company Name
OCI Wyoming LLC Phone
307-872-7279 Contact Name
John C. Lewis Email
jlewis@ocichemical.com Billing Address
254 Country Rd. 4-6 Fax
Green River, WY 82935 Cell
Work Preformed
Partial Payment for work completed: $33,000 Due
Remaining Balance $21,500 Due When Rest of project is completed.
TOTAL DUE $ 33,000 Balance Remaining $21,500

When Completed
PLEASE SEND CHECKS TO: Patrick Evje Great Western Painting PO Box 571888
Murray, UT 84157-0188


Pat - address is   3001 - fm 866 -   Odessa Texas 79763  


Pat,      Feb 18


Can you send me the name of the Primer you recommend for the tanks again – we are ordering the next tank farm and want to tell the manufacturer the right info. 

Tim Scott – 281-726-9429     Foam Tanks Texas
Tim Robertson   o 832-399-4515   c  281-387-5111



Pat just landed and is going to the location now to see the site and get a plan together for the foam application – we are really short time and need to get things moving.


The Sherwin-Williams Company Feb 22
Dear Valued Customer: Account/Job   4243-5282-1
This is just a reminder that your payment in the amount of $4,162.78 has not yet been received.  This amount was due as of the 20th of this month.If you have already sent the payment or perhaps

Invoice   Due:03/23/2016
Amount Due: $6,265.00
Dear Patrick Evje :

Your invoice is attached. Please remit payment at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your business - we appreciate it very much.




Click to see them on a Page Click   

Tim Roberson  
o 832-399-4515   c  281-387-5111 

 1 -   121,000 PO invoice LA Texas

 2 -   PP Billing Invoice 42,000   owe 42,000  Odessa.pdf

3 -    Extra Foam Kits  $5,000  

4 -  10 tanks           PDF Bid    107,115

5 -  Loss Run ReportWorker Comp

1 - PO #  form Tanks Odessa
2 - Freight Haubor   List    Click  
3 - PO Prime Machain   Feb 23
Invoice Records    Word 

My contractor there in SLC is Guy Carpenter with Foxwood Construction.  His numbe is  Building Contractor 8015411881.  Give him a shout, and he will be glad to help


Jason Larsen
District Manager
Rigid Global Buildings
9250 E Costilla Ave Suite 325
Greenwood Village, CO 80112
800-658-2885 ⋅  f. 303-799-3677 c. 720.413.5513


Pat,  Feb 23 

The payment that was made for the following invoice was not received by your bank. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to make payment for the following invoice:

 55571251-001 10/05/15 273 OP O     376.87  1500 JACKSON ST, DALLAS   

 Thank You,  Mike Rippel | Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. | Credit /Collections

Making It Happen For Our Customers!
1275 W. Mound St | Columbus, OH 43223
T: 800-508-4756 x4165 | F: 803-578-6675
















Hi Patrick
Just looking to set up a time to meet.  Please contact me back via email or phone (801-657-1957).  

Thank you
August 25, 2016
Great Western Painting Patrick Evje 13202 S Day Ct Draper, UT 84020
Dear Patrick:
The Premium Specialist Department of WCF requests an examination of your accounting records for the period 11/02/15 through 06/20/16.  This examination relates solely to your workers compensation coverage.  Specifically, it reviews all labor costs (including contract labor) and the workers compensation job classifications assigned to your policy.  Such reviews serve to assess the accuracy of your payroll reporting practices and validate the data used as the basis for system-wide premium rate development.  Therefore, they are specified as a provision of your policy contract.  Please make the following records available:

- Payroll Summary showing gross payroll by employee for the audit period
- Description of employee duties - workers comp code applicable to each employee
- Federal 941's
- Summary of payments to subcontractors, contract laborers, temporary laborers
- Certificates of workers compensation insurance for all subcontractors, if any
- Summary of overtime payroll by employee and code for the audit period
- Profit & Loss Statement

Thank you for your assistance.  Please feel free to call me at 801-657-1957 if you have any questions or concerns.

IMPORTANT:  Please advise me of the location of your payroll records if other than the above address.

  Kevin McGee
 Premium Specialist
 100 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Sandy, UT 84070
 p. 801.657.1957 | f. 385.234.4310  


Thank you PATRICK, your car has been reserved.
Pick up:
Wed Aug 17, 2016 at 06:45 PM
Drop off:
Sun Aug 21, 2016 at 06:15 AM
Your Confirmation Number:
Modify/Cancel This Reservation


Hi Robert here is the email that I sent you last Tuesday, any questions give me a call. 618-599-5962.

Johnny Wilkerson

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016 1:55 PM, Jean Wilkerson <jjwilkerson2@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Robert, it was a pleasure speaking to you last week about doing some sub work for your company.
Following is the experience that I have in the industry for over 20 years.

Tank Maintenance and Inspection
·         Water tank maintenance
·         Weld (certified through Pittsburgh Tank & Tower and trained)
·         Inspect·         Paint·         Sandblast·         Grind·         Replace Steel·         Clean outs
·         Any maintenance assigned to the specific job.

Tower maintenance and inspection. ·         Painting towers,·         Taking pictures of the towers  ·         Daily inspection reports.
·         Tower Analysis·         Dismantle of Towers·         Water Tank Inspections·         Run ROV
·         Tower Re-guyed·         Path Alignments·         Antennas and Lines·         Beef ups
Certifications:·         Com-train·         Blood Borne Pathogens·         OSHA·         Certified·         Inspection·         First Aid
·         CPR
I currently have a 3-4 man crew, however many is needed on a per job basis, we are fully insured and experienced.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to consider our company for any of your sub contractor needs.

Sincerely,Johnny Wilkerson618-599-5962



Total sqft is 26,342 for all tanks together 

Delta Transportation Credit Voucher  
Delta Transportation Credit Voucher Number: 0060644912591  
This document expires: 22JUN17  
Refer to the Delta Transportation Credit Number for future travel.

Date of Issue:
Flight Info: DL 677 22JUN16DTW Place of Issue: MSPRES
Issuing Agent ID: DL/DS
Total: 350.00 USD






 Pat see page Click

RE: Bid the exterior of North Park Towers  Revised June 7
Email recived from  \BLAKE  MON jUNE 20

Thank you PATRICK, your car has been reserved.
Pick up:
Tue Jun 14, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Drop off:
Wed Jun 15, 2016 at 03:45 PM
Your Confirmation Number:
Modify/Cancel This Reservation


See Below


Terri Ann Belanger 225 East Robinson StreetSuite 570Orlando, Fl 32801Corporate Account Manager

American Safety CouncilDirect – 321-319-3571Toll Free - 800-771-2255 Ext 259Cell: 407-340-3338

Email: terri.belanger@amersc.com


  The name of this transaction on your credit card will be:
Bulk Course Registration

Order #9934173




Price per Course

10-Hour OSHA Outreach Training Course for the Construction Industry



30-Hour OSHA Outreach Training Course for the Construction Industry










  1. Visit http://www.usfosha.com/save
  2. Enter your redemption code and click submit.
  3. Complete the registration information with the name of the student who will be taking the course.
  4. Begin your OSHA training.


Redemption Codes

10-Hour OSHA Outreach Training Course for the Construction Industry




30-Hour OSHA Outreach Training Course for the Construction Industry







Hi Bob,


Please make sure your folks have this information below.


Thank you



  1. Visit http://www.usfosha.com/save
  2. Enter your redemption code and click submit.
  3. Complete the registration information with the name of the student who will be taking the course.
  4. Begin your OSHA training.
  5. Log in and out of the course at your own pace at www.usfosha.com.

By OSHA Regulation, you have a maximum of 180 days to complete your OSHA training from the time of registration


If you experience any issues registering or taking our courses, please contact our 24x7x365 support team at:
Toll Free: 1-866-575-4310


Terri Ann Belanger

225 East Robinson Street

Suite 570

Orlando, Fl 32801

Corporate Account Manager

American Safety Council

Direct – 321-319-3571

Toll Free - 800-771-2255 Ext 259

Cell: 407-340-3338

Email: terri.belanger@amersc.com


Have A Safe Day!




Spider Rental     1 -  All Billing  including Moves        2 - Broke Down Price List        3 -  PDF


Great Westerm Painting

Customer #844219


Since this account has been turned over to collections, 05/31/16 you will need to

contact them directly.


Rauch-Millikan International

J. Bernard Halprin

Office Phone: (866)819-8493


Email: jbhalprin@rauchmilliken.com


Lana Diaz

Credit & Collections Specialist

Safeworks LLC 365 Upland DrTukwila,WA 98188P: 206.577.0119F: 866.223.5461







Arizona Licence App  Talk to Mom


I was going to meet everyone at the TA Truck Stop located at the second exit off I-80 in Rawlins (only 3 exits) at 10 am. From there we can take my vehicle (red Rubicon Jeep) or you may follow me out to the dam site. After exiting from the I-80 turn right heading south, you can see the truck stop when you exit the interstate.
Brian D. SmithDam and Reservoir DivisionWyoming Water Development Office307 631-3503

Hello Pat,     
PDF    Applation        Finger Print        Doc
Step 1: Reinstate your current business license ($2,775.00)  or set up a new LLC ($825)

-you can reinstate your existing business license on-line TODAY at www.nvsilverflume.gov, you will need to set up an account, then pay the fees
-if you do not want to do it on-line, I've attached a hard card of the paperwork, you would have to send it in along with the $2,775 check to the Secretary of State (this could take up to two weeks) I will help you to fill out the forms or answer any questions...

 App Mom kinda filled out  Print it and finish  Or call her  


Step 2: Submit the application to the state contractors board, the second attachment is the application

-you will only need to fill out pages 1-15, references and resume are not required
-you will have to get your fingerprints done, the 3rd attachment is a list of locations where you can get that done
(live-scan must be done at a Nevada location)
-the application must be submitted with a $300 non-refundable processing fee

-once the application is
approved you will need to pay the licensing fee of $600 + residential recovery fund fee $80 and get bonded and insured

Laurie Robbins
Contractor School Sales/Research
NFP Property & Casualty Services, Inc.
4175 S. Riley Street Ste. #200 Las Vegas, NV 89147
P: 702.763.9375 | F: 702.735.7370 | laurie.robbins@nfp.com

NFP Property and Casualty Services, Inc. (NFP P&C) is a subsidiary of NFP CorpL





Hello  Pat,
We now hold our Webinars over GOTOMEETING which is very user friendly.  Just copy the link below into your address bar and you will join the class in about 60 seconds or less.   This is a live interactive class.  The computer being used will need to have a working webcam and speakers. 

Link:   www.gotomeeting.com/join/909725333  or you can use my website www.greatbasinsafety.com click the GBS Student Log In  (black button) no password or code needed the class is open to anyone who would like to attend.
Your New Miner class is scheduled from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. PST. 
There will be several breaks including an hour for lunch.

Call me if you have any problem
Wes White
204 Cottonwood Drive
Elko, Nevada 89801
Great Basin Safety
775 934-9744













If you could let me know when you will be in town this week, and when you would like to meet at North Park Towers, I will send out a meeting request.  Thanks.  June 6



Scott Wallace

Project Manager


26877 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 300

Southfield, MI  48033

Mobile:  248-763-6881












Great Western Painting Commercial & Industrial Painting Proposal 1 - 877-749-5554 pat@greatwesternpainting.com
Date 5/24/2016
Company Name
Ling Construction Phone
214-908-1669 Contact Name
Rodney Ling Email
rling@lingconstruction Billing Address
15000 Beltway Drive Fax
Addision, Texas Cell
We Propose To : Bid The Exterior of 3- Buildings Club of the Isle –Galveston, Texas based on information sent to us by Rodney Ling of Ling Construction,
Which Includes: Hydroblast, Apply Coatings, Materilas, Labor and Equipment to do the project.
Option 1
Main Residental Buildings Exterior Specs:
Approx 62,000 sqft of Hardie Board Siding $ 145,700.00 x 3 Buildings Total $ 437,100.00
Approx. 15,952 LFT of 2 x6 Trim per Building $ 37,487.00 x 3 Total is $ 112,462.00
Approx. 14,084 LFT of 2 x 4 trim per Bldg $ 33,097.00 x 3 Total is $ 99,292.00
Approx 3,100 LFT of 2 x 8 LFT Trim Per Bldg $ 7,285.00 x 3 Total is $ 21,855.00
Main Residential Buildings Breezeway and Stairwells Specs:
Approx 64,600 sqft of Hardie Board Siding $ 151,810 per Bldg x 3 Total is $ 455,430.00
88 Apartment Entry Doors + 76 Hallway Doors 164 x $ 25.00 is $ 4,100.00 x 3 TotaL is $ 12,300.00
Approx. 2,700 LFT of Door Trim per Bldg is $ 6,345.00 x 3 Total is $ 19,035.00
Main Residental Buildings Ceiling Area Specs:
Approx 33,200sqft per Bldg is $78,020.00 x 3 =$ 234,060.00
ClubHouse Exterior Specs:
Approx 4,200 sqft of Siding cost is $ 9,870.00
Twenty Windows with Trim approx. 480 LFT Trim is $ 1,128.00
7-Exterior Doors x $25.00 = $ 175.00
Double Front Entry Doors x $ 50.00 is $ 100.00
Mailbox Buildings Exterior Specs:
Approx 2,300 sqft of Siding per Bldg is $ 5,405.00 x 2 Total is $ 10,810.00
Approx 950 sqft of Ceilings per Bldg is $ 2,232.50 x 2 Total is $ 4,465.00
Total Cost for Option 1 is $ 1,418,082.00 for the project.

Option 2
Main Residential Buildings Exterior Exisiting Blue Paint Specs:
Approx 18,000 sqft of Siding Painted Blue per Bldg is $ 42,300 x 3 Total is $ 126,900.00
Trim Specs same is Option 1
ClubHouse Exterior Exisiting Blue Paint Specs :
Approx. 1,100 Sqft of Siding painted blue is $ 2,585.00
Trim Specs same is Option 1
Mailbox 800 sqft of Blue area per Building is $ 1,180.00 x 2 Total is $ 3,760,00
Total for Option 2 is $ 367,987.00 for the project
Anything other not mention above or written above will be an additional charge.
Thank You Great Western Painting Patrick 877-749-5554









Aproval  Loan   PDF APP


My name is Randall Burchette I have 15yrs Experience in the water tower field.
 I can sandblast, paint (spary), weld, can weld ladders in, Rig, put up Containment, ride staging,ride spider basket, rope rig please contact me at 3369127650 or 8504616011 Thanks have a great day




Foam Statment     May 16


You have a past due amount on your account, an invoice is attached.
Please advise when you can send a payment or let us know if you have any
questions.Have a nice day,
Lori HavelAlta Paints & Coatings136 Werst 3300 SouthSalt Lake City, UT 84115Phone:  (801) 466-9625
Balance $62.83




Loss Runs  Workers Comp   2016






Full Page   Invoices


Our address is 972 W. Atherton Dr

Taylorsville, UT 84123


Thank You



Look  Down

Hi Pat,  May 3rd   Wall Papre Job


It is my understanding that your guys will not be doing any of the columns. The square footage we had given you to calculate your invoices included the columns so we need to take that square footage out
of the invoice.  Please adjust your invoices by the following amounts:


Orem – 1 columns @113 sq ft = $187.58


Green River – 5 columns @ 113.03 each = 565.17 sq ft = $1034.26.  


Once we have those revised invoices, we will be able to get the payments to you quickly. 

 Thank you!

Lisa Pier Senior Project  Manager 1420 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84115 801.433.4458 Direct

801.433.2600 Main  Lisa.Pier@2020exhibits.com



Subject: Re: Bid hyatt regency longisland Great Western Painting April 29

Robert If you could reword this quote to state the (sq. ft measurement what your price is based on) and the product that we are using such as Dow all guard silicone based paint to match existing. the quote can read approx 10,000 sq. ft. for example.  In the photos I showed you, you would be painting the beige color from the top down to the decorative detail that runs the legnth of the building so that you will not see any difference in color. which is basically the two upper floors. of the front only. I just want to make sure we are on the same page and you understand the scope of work.

Here is what we sent

We Propose To : Project:  



Hyatt Regency Long Island 1717 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788

Scope: 9th and 10th floor exterior walls only

(10,000sq. ft measurement what your price is based on)

product Dow all guard silicone based paint to match existing.
 the quote can read approx 10,000 sq

Prep work, paint as specified, materials , Equipment , and Labor.

$ 150,000.00

















 Bond  Page



Hi Pat,       April 21


Following up on the paint change.  It has been a couple weeks now, have you been able to get a quote together?





Russell Murray

Prime Machine INC. | Prime Field Service

575 West 800 South

Salt Lake City UT, 84101

Office (801) 575-8430


E-mail: russ@primemachine.com

Website: http://www.primemachine.com


Good Morning Mr. Evje, 

We had spoke earlier this morning regarding some information that I still need. (Please do not send these documents via this email. I can send you a secured email link if you like.)
- The business tax return (2014 or 2015 works)

- Business General Ledger (2015)

​- The first check issued in 2015 from Zions Bank and the last check issued in 2015 from Zions Bank.​ (Please include only the check date and check number)
Hai Ho
Field Auditor
Department of Workforce Services
Cell   (385) 313-4346
Fax   (801) 526-9236 














 I have a double room for your crew of two.  We would like them to be onsite Wednesday to start hanging Thursday of next week.


Pat Harris is on site.  He is superintendent and his number is 618-214-7344.  Have your guys check in with him when they arrive.

 I will be onsite Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Will Hogan 636-207-7763 office
 314-276-6761 cell



Prime Machain  4/8/  

PDF  Paint   



Will Hogan Partner INN Source 315 Consort Drive St. Louis, MO 63011636-207-7763 office 314-276-6761 cell 314-754-8191 fax

will@innsourcehospitality.com  www.innsourcehospitality.com

regards to vinyl and wallpaper

 installation for a project. slc
Cameron Read
Field Project Manager
2020 Exhibits
801.466.2600 Office
801.433.4447 Direct
801.671.7918 Cell


Terry Baner

Tel: 925.833.8296

Fax: 877.272.8301



Great Western Painting
Commercial & Industrial Painting

1 - 877-749-5554

Date  6  /  17 /2014  



Company Name

GAF Material Corp



Contact Name

Dat NguyenProject



Billing Address

3301 Navone RdStockton




Stockton, CA 95215




We Propose To :Repaint 2 silos

Hydroblast and spot prime with Epoxy Primer

Recoat 1 coat polyurethane


$15,000 each  = $30,000


Thank You

Patrick Owner  1 - 877-749-5554  pat@greatwesternpainting.com

 Call Robert _  208-371-7757   Estimation Division




Patrick Evje

 Billing           PDF  7          PDF     8            PDF  9            PDF   10      PDF  11    

Great Western Painting Commercial & Industrial Painting BILLING INVOICE 1 - 877-749-5554 pat@greatwesternpainting.com
Date 9 / 1 /2016
Invoice # 11 Company Name
Inn Source Hospitality Phone
314-276-6761 Contact Name
Will Hogan/Sheila Simpson Email
simpson@altman-charter.com Billing Address
315 Consort Dr. Fax
St Louis, MO. 63011 Cell
Work Preformed : Work Preformed Spring Hill, AZ 85305
1,100 Yards Vinyl @ $9.00 per Yard =$9,900.00
138 Man Hours : hours @ $48.00 per hr. =$6,624.00
Residence Inn vinyl of 220 yards @$9.00 per yard =$1,980.00
$ 9,900.00
$ 6,624.00
$ 1,980.00
TOTAL DUE $18,504.00
PLEASE SEND CHECKS TO: Patrick Evje Great Western Painting PO Box 571888
Murray, UT 84157-0188




I'm assisting Unity Contracting Services with the project.  We are also required to submit a scaffolding/lift plan.  Please contact me to discuss.
Marvin Heymann, NCARB
Marvin W. Heymann & Associates
Helping to Design and Build Businesses to Find, Win, and Successfully Perform U.S. Federal Government Contracts.